Best Slots with Buy Feature in 2023

The most exciting part of slot games is the free spins. The standard way of triggering free spins and bonus games is to wait for a specific symbol combination to land on the reels. But an increasing number of game developers offer you a quick solution. You can find slots with the buy feature here.

What is Buy Feature?

The Buy Feature can be handy for impatient players. If you don’t want to wait until you land the symbol combination needed to get Free Spins, click on the Buy button to buy free spins. Then the calculated cost is displayed on a new screen, and if you accept the price, the feature will immediately start.

What are Bonus Buy Slots?

Bonus buy is another expression for “Buy Feature,” which allows you to buy your way into the bonus or free spin round, also called “Buy Free Spins,” “Feature Buy,” and Kalamba Games call it “Hyper Bonus.” The advantage of bonus buying is that you don’t have to wait for the game to trigger the bonus round randomly.

How much to pay for the bonus game?

It depends on how much your bet is. For example, you might have to pay 80x to 2000x your bet to instantly trigger the free spins or bonus game at the next spin. Your risk is that the bonus buy could cost more than the feature pays out. So you can lose money on the deal.