Best Slots with Gamble Feature in 2024

Some video slots include a gamble feature that can be activated after any win by pressing the Gamble button to double or lose your win. The feature adds more adrenaline to your casino slot gambling session.

Gamble Feature

Gamble or Double Up features are common to many online slots. It triggers when you hit a winning combination. The “Gamble” button will be visible. If you decide to risk your win, hit the “Gamble” button. If you don’t want to take the risk, hit the “Collect” button.

Double or Nothing

You’ll usually be presented with a mini-screen with a face-down playing card in the most straightforward setup. First, you guess whether the playing card color is red or black. If you pick the correct color, you double your win. However, if your guess is wrong, you lose your win and return to the main game screen. If your guess is right in some video slots, you can repeat your guesses until you lose the lot or hit the Collect button. Some games allow you to risk all or only half of your win.

Gamble Feature Versions

In another version, you guess the playing card suit, and if you are correct, your win will be quadrupled. Apart from playing cards, there are other setups, such as the Wheel of Fortune. The wheel has two sections: red and green. If the wheel stops on the green area, you win. Another version is the head or tail of a coin.

Gamble my win or not?

Risking your win can be rewarding if you’re not risking too much. For example, if you had one euro win, it could be worth risking it to double or quadruple. If you can continue accumulating wins over 4 – 5 rounds, you can make €16 or €32 out of €1. And if you lose, you only lose the initial €1.

The feature can be helpful in low volatility slots, which pay many small wins.