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We recommend playing online slots on a desktop computer for the best gambling experience.

Highest Payout Slot Machines:

  1. Quest to the West RTP is 97.53%
  2. Dim Sum Prize RTP is 97.18%
  3. Back To Venus RTP is 97.07%
  4. Mr. Macau RTP is 97.07%
  5. Goldilocks and the Wild Bears RTP is 97%
  6. Jack’s Treasure RTP is 96.98%
  7. Jimi Hendrix RTP is 96.97%
  8. Warlords Crystals of Power RTP is 96.89%
  9. Immortal Romance RTP is 96.86%
  10. Extra Chilli RTP is 96.82%



The win multiplier is usually the most revarding feature. You can get multipliers by landing a symbol with a multiplier value attched to it, collecting special symbols and by chance in pick me games. Also, some games randomly award you multiplies.

Free Spins

Because of enormous competition amongst the developers of slot machines, they more than ever must have some attractive components to attract a player. There are several bonuses that the games have to offer to attract more players, and they will play longer, and consequently, bring more profits to the casinos. One of these features is called free spins, which started around 2004. Slots with free spin features provide players like you with the chance to hit a specific combination of symbols. When you do so, you get several free spins as a bonus.

Free spins do not necessarily mean extra cash but only free spins that trigger winning combinations. It is attractive since the player thinks that their odds of winning increase as they play more. You can play more without having to pay for it. It has grown in popularity since it has been categorized separately from the bonus feature.

When you play slot with the free spins feature, there are things to consider. First, know the number of free spins you can win. Some machines limit your chances of winning free spins, while some slot machines offer cumulative free spins; if you are already playing a free spin round and win again, the extra free spins will be added to the previous free spins.

Second, find out if wins are multiplied. Some slot machines have a multiplier symbol that not only multiplies prizes but grants you free spins, too. Some devices also have special prizes or increase your winnings if you hit a particular combination while playing your free spin.

Finally, check out if free spins can be re-triggered. That means that you should know if you can win the free spin bonus again through the particular combinations needed for the free spins.


It is similar to the free spin, but the game only awards one free spin that the player can usually trigger multiple times.

Bonus Game

Bonus Game Features have some unique differences. The main difference is that they have additional ways to win - consider it as another game within the slot machine, such as a bonus screen. These bonus games or features come in different forms, but if you can hit the bonus round, you are sure to win additional coins or credits in most cases. It is generally known as the "Bonus Screen Feature," which is the most popular now. Usually, the games with a second screen tend to be video slots.

As the name suggests, the second screen will be where the bonus features will appear. To activate the bonus feature, you usually have to hit a specific combination of symbols on the reels. The bonus feature will often increase your winnings. There are more bonus screen variations on online slot machines than any other feature type.

Hold Reels

You can find his feature on earlier games since it used to be popular. In essence, they are much like video poker. That is done by spinning the reels once, then choosing which reel you want to hold before spinning the remaining reels to get the outcome. However, it became rare in newer games, but there are some.

Pay Tables

You have to consider the paytables of each online video slot machine initially. The paytables vary from one slot machine to another, so you should keep a tab of the paytables to avoid confusion. Keep in mind that video slots' paytables are way more complicated than the paytables of three-reel slots. Still, I should also mention that the more time you spend playing, the better you can familiarize yourself with the pay tables and features.

Coins and Coin value

You have to learn the difference between the number of coins and the coin value you have to bet. The number of coins is the total sum of the amount that you will wager, while coin value is the denomination of the coin you will bet. Variable payline games give you the option of wagering per line with a certain number of coins per line. Understanding the difference between these two is essential in keeping your bankroll tabs since it is a known fact that you should never wager beyond the limit of your bankroll.

Winning Combination

Remember that the winning combinations should start from left to right, and you will not get the winnings if the winning combination appears in the second, third, or fourth reels, but not on the first one. But wait. There are newer online slots that were developed in the past few years, where the winning combination counts from right to left as well as from left to right. We call them the "Both Ways Pay" games. You have a double chance to hit a win when playing Both Ways Pay slots.

Return to Player

In short, RTP is the percentage of the played money paid out as winnings. It is calculated over a billion spins; therefore, it doesn't affect the potential winning outcome during a playing session. As a result, the RTP varies between games and casinos.

Slots to Play

It is fair to say that only a great slot game maker can develop a great slot machine. Players are looking for slot games with an original storyline, stunning visuals, animations, and fun-to-play. These expectations require developers to acquire creative talents with passion and devise clever mathematical formulas to create innovative features for exciting gameplay. In addition, developers make their products distinguishable from the others by adding unique features to their products. Other than exciting gameplay and user experience, bettors are only willing to risk their money on games that came from a trusted developer.

The most popular slot themes in 2022

We've categorized each of the online slots we review into one or more theme categories depending on the theme or sub-theme we reckon they belong to. So it's quick and easy to find a slot theme here. Take a look at our categories below, select the one you like, and we'll present you with a list of all the slot screenshots and titles.

All online slots have a theme to some extent, but some slots have a more monumental theme, character, or storyline that makes them stand out. It might not always be the topic itself that makes the game outstanding, but it's the visuals that draw players in to try it. Slot designers understand casino player demographics and what they expect from a casino game. Therefore they are coming up with various slot themes that cater to all types of bettors. In addition, they have expanded significantly on the user experience. So many slots with different themes are now available at the online casinos, so it seems that the variety of slot titles provide to every player's preference and taste. The theme sets the game apart from other games, and although they don't always exceed expectations. A slot machine without some story and topic behind the gameplay is hard to find today. Therefore you see slots enhanced with various issues, including adventure, American, dragon, Halloween, romantic, you name it. The problem players face nowadays with so many slots is that you are spoilt for choice. The issue with the many alternatives is that some slot makers can copy successful online slots. That is the reason there are endless replicas of the Book of Dead.

Why do people play themed slots? Pick any subject, and you'll find a game based around it. There's something for every player from ancient Egypt, pirates, wild west, and spooky Halloween to Viking slots. Players love slots centered around a specific story because they have fond memories of tales, fables, childhood books, and cartoons, or fans of any particular movie, band, or TV show represented in the slot. As a result, game developers produce numerous titles to cater to every player to monetize players' emotions. The massive increase in slot games available online, with themes ranging from classic slots loaded with fruits to newer slots based on movies, TV shows, and rock bands, has created a gaming pop culture.