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Tips to Win on Slot Machines in Vegas or Online

Are you a slot machine player and want to play more efficiently? Do you want to win on slot machines more often? Then, read our secret tips that most slot players don’t know.
Want to know a secret? We have talked to some seasoned slot players, people that worked in the casino, and some insiders, and we have gotten this hush-hush information. And we want to share it with you. Let’s get started.

Look for new slots in the casino.

This is an exciting subject because the few slot section managers we talked to say that the new slots in the casino will payout at a higher percentage (higher RTP) than the slot machines there for a while.

Let me explain this to you. The casinos want to promote those new slot machines. So whatever slot machine is a new addition, they generally have a higher payout. So you have slightly increased odds of winning. So casinos usually place these new games close to the entrance.

It’s no guarantee, but generally, many people want to play those new slot machines. First of all, they are exciting and attract many players, but they also have a higher probability of paying out when they’re new. Usually, the first month or two is what we’ve been told they will pay at a higher rate. After that, however, it could even be five or six months or so, depending on the casino and the game’s profitability. Then they will start to lower the payouts. So that is an excellent tip to follow. What do you think?

Try to change your betting amounts.

You sometimes want to swing those betting amounts. I’ve noticed that I say I’m bet what I like to play with a lot. I like to start with that it could be 25 or 45 cents on the slot machine. I’ll play that minimum bet for a while. If it’s not winning, sometimes I will raise it. Then, I will play maybe the following amount of the 90-cent bet. For example, if it’s a 25-payline machine, I will play with $1 per spin. I will play that for a little while, and if it doesn’t give out winnings, maybe I will even go up a little higher. Then, I will lower it back down to the min bet.

I usually try to vary the bets. Sometimes it will pay off. I’ve seen a slot machine that’s with 45 cents was not paying. So now, I move up the bet higher to get a higher payout. However, I wouldn’t say I like to go high on these bets. I want to keep them around two dollars or less because, in the long run, if it is not going to trigger some bigger wins, it gets expensive to play that high bet. Sometimes, I’ll go up to one dollar and be up to 25, or whatever is the next bet. I play a couple of spins there for up to two dollars or occasionally at the maximum amount. Once in a while, it will pay off.

When you move up to that $2.50, you’ll trigger a good win. In addition, you may get free spins, which we’re always looking for. So it seems that those bet variations will pay off every so often. Periodically, a slot machine pays out on higher bets and sometimes gives out low stakes. So if it’s spending on that smaller bet and winning there, I would stick with that until it stops.

Don’t get greedy

You can’t get greedy and go up to that higher betting and want to keep it regardless of winning or not. Keep in mind: if you are playing at an increased bet per spin and it’s not paying, you might want to lower your betting amount after a few spins.

There are times that I’ve seen that work as well after you put fifty or a hundred dollars into a slot machine. Sometimes you’ll lower your betting amount, and it will give those free spins and give you some of your money back. So it just doesn’t want to pay on higher bets. So there are some days I’ve seen that on slots, and it’s just weird how that works.

Last Coin

This is what I like to call the last coin happening. Let me explain. If you think about how many times you have been playing in the casino and were down with money in the slot, you’ve suddenly got a terrific win. All of a sudden, the machine gives you a nice win that keeps you playing. How does this work?

We have noticed this many times, and we’ve talked to people with similar stories. I’m sure you have your own experience if you play slots. Or, you’ve heard about this. It seems that the machines are programmed so that when you’re almost out of money, they will give you higher odds of hitting.

I don’t know why that is, but that seems to be the case. Almost every time I talk to people who’ve lost their deposited money in a slot machine, they suddenly get down to near that last dollar. As they’re almost out of money, they’ll get something sizable. Sometimes they’ll even get close to being even, recoup, or even a bit ahead.

Play slots with low denomination bills in the slot machine

I believe slot machines are designed like this because it makes sense. If you’ve lost nearly all of your money in the slot, they let you get too close to even, or maybe you get a little bit ahead, and then they will start taking it back slowly. That’s how these slots work. So that is why I like to put in $5 bills. Because I don’t want to play with those high denomination bills, I guess you don’t succeed with those too.

I like to put $5 or $10 bills into the slot machine. And I want to play it down to the lowest amount, and sometimes I will win on those last bets. Sometimes it works in reverse. Sometimes it pays soon after when you put in a new $20 or a $50. Sometimes, I just put a $5 bill in the slot machine. There’s no reason that you can’t feed it with five-dollar bills. It accepts those and the higher bills, and you can go from machine to machine with five or ten.

Play down your credit

Play it down even if I bet a dollar per spin, and I’ve been put in five, and I got down to a dollar, and I had a nice hit. Sometimes $100 to $200 wins on a five-dollar bill.

So you don’t have to put fifty or $100 bills in the machine. It seems like whatever you put into it, its program takes most of your money.

So feed it small and let it work its way down. A lot of times, it gives out winnings when the deposit is only suitable for one spin. You’ve probably experienced it. If you think about that last coin phenomenon, I’m talking about getting a big win when you’re almost out of money. So think about it.

Test the slot machines with a minimum bet

We like to call this starting small and betting up from there.

Start playing with a small bet. That’s almost always how I test a slot machine. I play the minimum or second-lowest amount and will try to see if the machine will pay. I know some people recommend a maximum bet. However, I’m not that kind of a player.

We’re talking about average players here. We don’t target millionaires on this website. We focus on everyday slot players, so that’s the kind of formation that’s what 95% of the players are. So let’s talk about that.

Rise your bet if the slot is winning

We’ll start playing with a small amount for a while. If the machine gives out wins, you can always bet up. That’s the thing to think about. I’ve heard people talk about this. Play that low bet somewhere in there 25 cents or whatever is the minimum. Play for a little while. If it starts to win and gives you some profit, or you’re up to $20 or $30, it might be time to raise your bet. I’ve seen this work well for some.

I’ve seen a guy I know that plays this strategy. I’ve seen him win a lot of money, starting with a small amount. It’s amazing. I’ve seen him put ten or twenty into a machine. Play small. Get up to forty-fifty dollars. Then, start raising the bet. He might go from twenty-five cents if the game is hitting. He goes all the way up to like five dollars. He thinks the machine is high, and it’ll keep paying him, and he’ll get up two to three hundred. I’ve seen it a few times. It’s awe-inspiring. You got to think about that: that’s a huge profit margin if you’re only investing twenty and walking away with four of five hundred.

Cash-out your winnings

In that situation, you can’t go greedy. You can’t play with that high bet forever, so cash out wisely and move on. That’s what you’ve got to do.

You’ve got to take the profit, and you got to walk away with it.

So, start with a small amount, and you can always increase your bet.

How to get a big win on slot machines

I will tell you if you are looking for a big hit. This is a way to do it if you want to win big and you’re a low-roller player. You’re not risking a lot of money. Follow this tip, and you will have some success at times and eventually end up with a big hit.

If you had a good day, let’s say you’re up to $100 or more. We see that as a good day because we’re talking about low-roller players. So if you made $100 or $200, you’re doing pretty well.

A couple of spins at maximum bet

You’re up about a hundred or more bucks on a particular slot machine, even if you’ve been playing small bets. I recommend trying a few spins at the max bet. If the slot machine is paying, or you know it’s been idle for a while, do a couple of spins at max bet and win a lot of money. But it’s rare. So you’ve got to play it smart. You don’t know when it will pay, so you must have that extra money. Be careful. You can lose a lot of money quickly.

So if I made 100 or hundred fifty dollars and there’s a machine I like, or it’s been paying, I’ll play a couple of max bets. And that’s usually in the 2.50 to $5 range.

Play slots that have a maximum bet of no more than five dollars

I don’t say to play with $20. Stay away from that high bet. Risk up to maybe $5 on some of these slots, where that is the maximum bet. So I would try to stick to those with max betting, like $5. Maybe I would play a few spins at $5. Maybe put 20 in the slot, and play three or four spins at $5. If you trigger bonus spins or you get something sweet on the reels, you know you can have a big win.

It happened to me one time in the casino. I was playing a smaller bet. However, I was winning and getting bonus games. So I went up a little bit but didn’t win. So I played a couple of spins at $5. I think it was the first or second spin, and I got $400 out of it. And it wasn’t even a bonus round. It just had a lot of wilds show up on the reels.

Play with the casino’s money

So this is a typical thing that you might see occasionally. But only do this when you are in winning. You want to do this with the casino’s money and not your own. And you will walk away at times with a significant sum. But you got to be disciplined. If you play two-three four pulls and it doesn’t hit, go back down to a lower amount.
Sometimes when you go from that max bet back to the low, you’ll have some success. I’ve seen that work when you go on max bet, and suddenly, you drop down to a low wager, and then it gives you a win.
Obviously, it will not be a big hit, but slot machines are designed to hit a lot more on a low bet. So if you’re max betting, it’s going to be much harder to get that free spins and bonus rounds. That’s my experience on a small bet.
So these were the secret tips that most players don’t know about. However, now you know, and you’ve learned this. Good luck with the slots.


How can I win on slots?

Following some strategies that are mainly based on observation and experience may increase your chance of winning. However, slots are games of chance, so you do not influence the game’s outcome.

How do I know when I will get a big hit on the slot machine?

You won’t know when you will get a winning combination. Every spin is random. There is no connection between past and future spins. However, the machine gives out a big hit from time to time, but nobody knows when it will occur. Although theory and observations corroborate this theory, the chance for a more significant win is somewhat increased if it isn’t for a while. But you can’t count on that with certainty.

Author James Author James Buttler has 40 years of experience in brick-and-mortar casinos and has been involved in blogging and content creation in the iGaming and other industries for 20 years.