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Money Train 4 – Relax Gaming Slot Review

Hey, check out Money Train 4, the latest video slot from Relax Gaming! It’s the final part of their cool Money Train series. This one’s the fourth and last in the series. The bandits are on the train for the last ride, and this slot is packed with action like never before. It’s got new characters, crazy feature combos, and a chance to win up to 150,000 times your bet – talk about a wild ride! They’re going out with a bang!

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Game Features:

  • 6×6 grid, scatter pays video slot
  • Bonus Game
  • Respin
  • Buy Feature
  • The minimum bet is €0.10
  • The maximum bet is €6
  • Maximum Win: 150,000x

Developer: Relax Gaming
Theme: Futuristic
Release date: September 20, 2023

Money Train 4 Slot Review

Now, let’s talk gameplay! Get ready for an awesome experience in both the regular and bonus games of Money Train 4. The game sets the stage with a fantastic environment, offering a mix of classic elements and cool futuristic vibes.

Alright, let’s break down Money Cart 4! Picture a grid with 6 reels and 6 rows – that’s what you’re working with. In this game, they’ve got a scatter pays system going on. You score a payout if you get at least 8 of the top two symbols or 10 of any of the other symbols showing up together.

Now, there’s no Wild symbol in this game, just to keep things interesting.

Money Train 4 slot by Relax Gaming

Money Cart Bonus Round

To kick off the Money Cart bonus round, all you need is to land 3 or more bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. And let’s get real – this is the feature we’re all here for, and it doesn’t disappoint. The special gold bonus symbol (the persistent one) can step in for any bonus symbol. Once the round kicks off, these bonus symbols bring a multiplier, and you score 3 respins.

The persistent symbol is the cool one – it hands out a modifier that stays sticky on the reels throughout the respins and works its magic at the start of each spin.

Starting on 6 reels and 4 rows, the bonus round can grow during the game to a max of 6 reels and 8 rows – that’s when things get really exciting! You unlock new rows by filling one up with symbols or thanks to a modifier. Any freshly unlocked rows immediately activate the powers of any symbols in them. It’s like a bonus within a bonus!

Now, check out the awesome modifiers in the Money Train 4 slot’s bonus round:

  1. Bonus Symbols: Awards a multiplier from 1 to 10 times your initial bet.
  2. Collector: Gathers all displayed values and adds them to its own total.
  3. Persistent Collector: Accumulates all visible values, adding them up when the current spin ends and in subsequent spins – it doesn’t have its own value.
  4. Adjacent Collector: Adds all nearby values from adjacent positions to its total.
  5. Persistent Adjacent Collector: Collects neighboring values in each spin, adding them to its own total during that spin and every spin after.
  6. Payer: Reveals a value and adds it to all other visible symbols.
  7. Persistent Payer: Exposes a value and adds it to all other displayed symbols during the current spin and following spins, excluding itself.
  8. Adjacent Payer: Reveals a value, then adds it to adjacent symbols.
  9. Persistent Adjacent Payer: Reveals a value, then adds it to adjacent symbols in the current spin and every spin thereafter.
  10. Sniper: Doubles the values of 3 to 8 Bonus symbols, potentially targeting the same Bonus symbol multiple times.
  11. Persistent Sniper: Doubles the values of 3 to 8 different Bonus symbols during the current spin and following spins, capable of selecting the same Bonus symbol more than once.
  12. Collector Payer: Selects 3 to 5 symbols as targets, adds the values into its own, and updates the value for each selected target.
  13. Persistent Collector Payer: After each spin, selects 3 to 5 symbols as targets, adds the values into its total, and pays the updated amount to each target.
  14. Arms Dealer: Transforms 1 to 4 Bonus symbols into a feature symbol, and the new feature symbol then performs its action.
  15. Persistent Arms Dealer: Converts 1 Bonus symbol into a feature symbol at the end of a spin and every spin afterward, and the new feature symbol performs its unique action.
  16. Necromancer: Resurrects 2 to 7 previously used feature symbols, possibly targeting the same symbol multiple times.
  17. Persistent Necromancer: Resurrects 1 to 7 previously used feature symbols at the end of the current spin and every spin afterward, potentially reviving the same symbol multiple times.
  18. Persistent Shapeshifter: Transforms into any one of the following features after each spin: Collector, Sniper, Payer, Arms Dealer, Collector Payer, or Unlocker.
  19. Unlocker: Releases a locked row.
  20. Reset Plus: Raises the initial spin count by +1.
  21. Upgrader: Upgrades 1 to 3 feature symbols to the Persistent versions.

What a lineup! Get ready for some serious bonus round action.

Respin Feature

Similar to Money Train 3, the respin bonus in Money Cart 4 kicks in randomly after any spin. The symbol that’s everywhere on the grid sticks around, and the others get a redo. During this respin thing, you might get multiplier symbols dropping in, boosting the multiplier meter and giving you another respin, just like the sticky symbol. But, heads up, these symbols don’t stick around – they just bring another respin to the party.

The whole shebang wraps up when no more of the sticky symbols show up.

Money Train 4 win up to 150,000 times your bet

Buy Feature

If you’re eager to dive straight into the Money Cart Bonus Round, you’ve got the bonus buy option! Here are your choices:

  1. 500X (Persistent feature): You get to kick off the bonus game, and you’re guaranteed to begin with 1 persistent symbol.
  2. 100X (Original feature): You activate the bonus game the regular way, without a guarantee of starting with a persistent symbol from the get-go.

So, pick your potion and get ready for some bonus round excitement!

Conclusion of Money Train 4 review

Money Train 4 is a very high-volatility game. RTP is 96.5%

Well, let’s wrap up our thoughts on Money Train 4. It’s safe to say this slot is the perfect way to close out the Money Train series, and honestly, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Relax Gaming.

Relax Gaming takes us on a wild ride with a fresh take on Money Train 4, placing it in a rugged landscape. The graphics, symbols, and animations, come together for an irresistibly cool visual experience. And let’s talk about the sound – it’s the perfect complement, immersing you even more into the game.

The fantastic audio-visuals and the massive 150,000x top prize in Money Train 4 would grab anyone’s attention.

This time, for the grand finale, they’ve loaded it up with a whopping 21 modifiers, multipliers, and expanding rows, making this slot one of the most dynamic games out there.

And you know what? It might just stay that way for a while because that’s the Money Train series for you – Relax Gaming always pushing the boundaries with each new release. Relax Gaming has hit it out of the park four times in a row. So, all aboard for one last ride!

Author James Author James Buttler has 40 years of experience in brick-and-mortar casinos and has been involved in blogging and content creation in the iGaming and other industries for 20 years.