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Jingle Bells Bonanza NetEnt Slot Review

Step into the enchanting world of Jingle Bells Bonanza, a fantastic online slot brought to you by the renowned folks at NetEnt. This slot machine sprinkles the magic of Christmas into every spin with its delightful theme and design. Picture a winter wonderland as you are welcomed by snow-dusted reels and charming holiday symbols.

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Game Features:

  • 5×3 grid, 20 payline video slot
  • Cash Drop
  • Multiplier
  • Minimum bet: €0.10
  • Maximum bet: €20
  • Maximum win: 4,186x

Software: NetEnt
Theme: Christmas
Release Date: November 30, 2023

Jingle Bells Bonanza Slot Review

The game’s features are as delightful as unwrapping presents on Christmas morning, offering a sleigh-full of bonuses and surprises to keep the gameplay merry and bright. With each spin, you embark on a yuletide adventure, making it the perfect choice for seasonal slot enthusiasts.


The gifts of the season aren’t just wrapped surprises; they’re the magical keys to unlocking the thrilling Cash Drop feature. But that’s not all – keep a keen eye on the Bell symbol, a harbinger of good fortune and multipliers that can turn your holiday spins into a symphony of wins.

Bells and Multiplier Magic

Feel the excitement rise when a Bell symbol gracefully lands on the middle reels, setting the stage for future spins. But here’s where the magic truly happens: if another Bell happens to land in a spot already framed by its predecessor, the multiplier attached to that frame takes a delightful leap. It’s a multiplier dance that can turn an ordinary spin into an extraordinary celebration of wins.

And that’s not the only twist in this festive tale! Picture this: a gift box scatter symbol makes its grand entrance. Suddenly, all the framed positions adorned by those charming Bell symbols transform into Wild Christmas Bells. It’s a spectacle that brings the holiday magic to life, with those adorned by multipliers turning into even more potent wilds. The reels come alive with the spirit of the season, promising a cascade of festive wins.

So, as you spin the reels in the enchanting world of Jingle Bells Bonanza, watch for those Bells and let the magic unfold. Your holiday adventure is about to reach new heights, with each spin bringing the promise of joy and delightful surprises. May the festive bells ring in your favor!

Cash Drop Adventure

Let the festive excitement reach new heights when those scatters grace the first and last reels, setting off the exhilarating Cash Drop bonus. Brace yourself for 3 spins where only Cash Drop symbols or whimsical blanks take center stage. The scatters that kickstart this feature don’t just fade away – oh no, they morph into Cash Drop symbols themselves, each carrying a cash prize that’s a cool 3 times the initial bet. And the thrill doesn’t stop there – any fresh Cash Drop symbols that make their grand entrance become sticky, hitting the reset button on the spin count and opening the door to even more potential wins.

Progressing with Cash Drop

But wait, there’s more to this festive fiesta! Every time a Bell symbol gracefully lands on the reels, it’s not just adding to the charm – it’s also contributing to filling up the Progress Bar. Hit specific milestones on this bar, and you’re in for a treat in the next Cash Drop feature, loaded with up to four Progress Prizes. These prizes bring an element of surprise and unpredictability, randomly lighting up and refusing to be triggered all at once. As you step into the bonus round, the Progress Bar takes a breather and resets itself. But, and it’s a jolly ‘but,’ if you manage to fill it up entirely, you’ll unveil the grand finale – the Ultimate Cash Drop bonus. Now, let’s unwrap the Progress Prizes:


Watch your final bonus amount double up in a merry dance of generosity.


Two extra rows join the grid, offering more nooks for those delightful wins.


The Cash Drop counter gets a boost to 4 spins, extending the holiday fun.


Enter the realm of unpredictability with the Golden Cash Drop symbol in the bonus.

And then, the star of the show arrives – the Golden Cash Drop symbol. Not only does it present a prize ranging from 3x to 20x the initial bet, but it also brings along one of these fantastic bonus mechanics:

Four Arrows:

Collects all prizes in its horizontal and vertical path, leaving no festive stone unturned.

Plus Sign:

Sprinkles magic on the grid by boosting the value of all prizes.

Single Arrow:

Takes a graceful swoop, gathering all the prizes in its direction from the landing spot.

So, there you have it – the Cash Drop adventure unfolds, promising a flurry of surprises and holiday cheer with every spin. May your reels be filled with joy and your bonuses be as golden as the season itself!

Jingle Bells Bonanza Cash Drop

The result of the Jingle Bells Bonanza slot review

Jingle Bells Bonanza is a medium-volatility slot game. RTP is 96.12%

In our opinion, NetEnt’s Jingle Bells Bonanza is a delightful online slot that captures the essence of the holiday season. Its cozy, festive celebration is adorned with symbols that would make any Christmas complete. The potential for a max win adds to the excitement, like finding the biggest present under the tree. Regardless, Jingle Bells Bonanza is fun to play at any time of the year.

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