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Gems Gala Spin and Lock Slot

Hey y’all, if you’re all ’bout that high life, into sparklin’ diamonds, pearl necklaces, designer kicks, and ridin’ in style with them spacious limos, then we got somethin’ special just for ya. Check out Gems Gala Spin & Lock for a taste of that fancy lifestyle and, with a lil’ luck, a chance to live it up for real.

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Super Wild Race Features:

  • 5 reels, 3 rows, and 50 lines
  • Free Spins
  • Lock and Spin feature
  • Minimum Bet: $0.50
  • Maximum Bet: $50.00

Software: Dragon Gaming
Theme: Gems, Glamour
Release date: September 10, 2023

Gems Gala Spin & Lock Slot Review

If you’re all about that high life: sparkling diamonds, pearl necklaces, designer shoes, and spacious limousines — then we’ve got just the thing for you. Gems Gala Spin & Lock will give you a taste of the allure of sophistication and elegance and, with a little bit of luck, an opportunity to experience it firsthand, too.

This game’s got all them glam symbols on five reels and three rows, and these special diamonds can lead you to some crazy multipliers and jackpots. Get ready for two sweet bonus features, includin’ a cool Lock-In option that can hook you up with a reward of up to 100x for each special symbol.


The game’s glamor-themed symbols are spread across five reels and three rows, while special diamonds lead to huge multipliers and jackpots. You can look forward to scoring from two bonus features, including a unique Lock-In option where you get a reward of up to 100x per special symbol.

Lock & Spin

Every time at least three gems show up in a row on them consecutive reels, you trigger the Lock-In thing. Them gems stick around, you get three respins, and every time a new gem hooks up with the locked-in ones, you reset the respin counter to three. Each gem’s packin’ a multiplier prize between 1x and 100x, and there’s also diamond jackpot symbols that could land you mini, minor, major, or grand jackpot prizes.

All them special symbols join up, surrounded by a rope. Any new special symbols next to the locked-in crew get thrown into the mix. If a gem pops up on the reel and ain’t directly linked to the ones already hooked up, it don’t get in on the action.

The whole shebang wraps up when there ain’t no more respins or when all 15 spots are filled with special symbols. Bottom line, you get the combined value of all them special symbols.

Gems Gala Free Spins

Free Spins

Meanwhile, bonus symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 dish out free spins. While you’re rockin’ them free spins, three scatters give you an extra six rounds and a 5x win. Plus, every spin comes with a multiplier based on the number of wilds showin’ up – 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 wilds give you a multiplier of 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, and 8x, respectively. So, get ready to spin and win, cowboy!

The Result of Our Gems Gala Review

Gems Gala Spin & Lock is a high-volatility slot game. The RTP of this slot is 97.45%.

Man, when I first laid eyes on Gems Gala Spin and Lock, I gotta say the visuals really caught my attention. Those symbols look slick, all decked out like precious gems, some even throwin’ in card suits for good measure. The graphics? Sharp and colorful. And the animations? Smoother than a fresh jar of honey. Plus, that soundtrack’s got a real catchy vibe. Overall, playin’ Gems Gala Spin and Lock gave me this cool feeling, like I just rolled up to some fancy gala.

Now, let’s talk about the main attractions. We got the Free Spins and the Spin & Lock feature. Both of ’em brought in some decent winnings, but if I had to pick a favorite, the Free Spins took the cake.

It’s a bit of a mixed bag for me, though. Gems Gala Spin and Lock gets an average score in my book. It’s got its ups and downs. The real deal is for you to give it a spin yourself and see if Lady Luck smiles on you more than she did on me. Good luck, amigo!

Oh, and here’s the kicker – USA players can throw down some real cash on this gem.


If you’re lookin’ for more glitz and glamour, check out “The Big Deal Deluxe” by Habanero and “Shopping Spree 2” from RTG. They’re cut from the same cloth, and since they’re USA-friendly, you can dive in and enjoy the thrill. Give ’em a whirl and see which one tickles your fancy. Happy spinnin’!

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