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Candy Glyph Quickspin Slot Review

Are you craving a delectable delight to tickle your taste buds and bring a smile as wide as a mile? Look no further than Candy Glyph, affectionately known as Glyphitos by the locals, the beloved candy of Mexico!

Game Features:

  • 7×7 grid, cascading reels video slot
  • Power-Up Features
  • Free  Spins
  • Minimum bet: €0.20
  • Maximum bet: €100
  • Maximum win: 13,185x your bet

Provider: Quickspin
Theme: Mexican, Candy
Release date: February 13, 2024

Candy Glyph Slot Review

Imagine a world where indulgence meets excitement, where every spin brings a cascade of sugary sensations. Welcome to Candy Glyph, a mesmerizing slot adventure unfolding on a 7×7 grid. Prepare to be enchanted by its Tumble Mechanics, Power Wilds, and the signature Power Glyph feature, unlocking four tantalizing Power-Ups: Bonbon Bombs, Bouncy Bean, Lollipop Rocket, and the Bonus Pinata.

Tumble Mechanics:  Watch in awe as winning clusters disappear, making way for new symbols to tumble down from above. The cascade of wins continues until no new clusters emerge.

After each winning cluster vanishes, a Candy Wild appears in its place, ready to sweeten your rewards. Remove it, and another Power-Up ignites!

Picture the Bouncy Bean scattering wealth across the grid, showering you with 4-10 Wilds. Visualize the Lollipop Rocket, wielding its sweet magic to banish low-paying symbols, transforming them into delightful payouts. And behold the Bonbon Bomb, exploding with sugary fervor, obliterating symbols, and showering you with rewards!

But wait, there’s more! Keep your eyes peeled for the elusive Bonus Pinata Wild symbol during Free Spins. It’s your ticket to massive winnings, up to a whopping 13,000 times your bet!

Candy Glyph Slot review

Free Spins

Once the Free Spins Bonus activates during the base game, brace yourself for 9 exhilarating free spins! But that’s not all—every time the Free Spins Bonus reactivates within the bonus round, you’ll receive an extra 3 free spins, keeping the excitement alive.

As the reels spin for the first time in this bonus round, the bonus Pinata symbol is positioned randomly across the grid. This symbol holds the key to colossal wins. Should you successfully advance the Bonus Pinata to its maximum level of x99, brace yourself for an astounding payout of 13,000 times your initial bet!

The awarded Bonus Pinata and its multiplier persist through each subsequent free spin until the Free Spins Bonus concludes. With every spin, the Bonus Pinata shifts to a new, random location on the reels, maintaining its suspenseful presence. Unlike other symbols, the Bonus Pinata remains stationary, unaffected by win evaluations or tumbles, ensuring the anticipation builds with every spin of the reels.

Power-Up Features

Charge up your gameplay with Power-Ups triggered by Power Wild wins. From Bonbon Bombs to the Bonus Pinata, each Power-Up brings its own thrill and rewards.

Bouncy Bean

Sprinkle Wilds across the reels and watch your winnings multiply!

Lollipop Rocket

Say goodbye to low-paying symbols as the Lollipop Rocket blasts them away, paving the way for bigger wins.

Bonbon Bombs

Trigger explosions that clear entire rows and columns, leaving behind a trail of delicious rewards.

Result of the Candy Glyph Review

Candy Glyph is a medium-volatility game. Its RTP is 96.19%.

In our opinion, this Mexican candy-themed slot looks good. Quickspin created this new video slot with vibrant hues and festive vibes of Mexican culture.

In the background, a landscape adorned with intricate paper-mache frames, each corner bursting with a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns. The decorations dance merrily in the breeze.

The soundtrack, is a melodic traditional tune and modern rhythms, infusing each spin with a sense of joy and excitement. With every beat, the atmosphere comes alive, transporting you to a place where fun knows no bounds.

From the bustling streets to the tranquil countryside, the game’s aesthetic captures the essence of Mexico’s rich heritage, celebrating its vibrant traditions and timeless charm.

Even though you need to be lucky to hit the jackpot, it is a good game to play and the potential for a big real money win is there. So, if you’ve got a sweet tooth that craves the thrill of pinatas bursting with sugary delights, then Candy Glyph is the game for you!

Very Good

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Author James James Buttler, the author, possesses four decades of casino experience gained through playing in brick-and-mortar establishments. Additionally, he has dedicated 20 years to blogging and content creation within the iGaming and various other industries.