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Arthur’s Fortune (Yggdrasil) Slot Review

Embark on a grand adventure with the valiant knights of the Round Table as they seek legendary riches! If you have a penchant for the enchanting Medieval era, prepare to be captivated by Arthur’s Fortune Slot, adorned with exquisite visuals and a treasury of winning opportunities. At the heart of the game lies a genuine “wheel of fortune,” a whimsical contraption that will whimsically determine the destiny of your Wilds.

Arthur’s Fortune Slot Game Features:

  • 5×3 grid,  20 payline video slot
  • Free Spins
  • Wild conversion
  • Minimum bet: €0.20
  • Maximum bet: €100
  • Max Payout: 10,856x

Software: Yggdrasil Gaming
Theme: Medieval, Knights, Arthur
Release Date: May 21, 2020

Arthur’s Fortune Slot Review

The game area itself is a realm of elegant simplicity. Picture it: 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines, a foundation of straightforward gameplay. Adaptable to the frugal and the daring, wagers range from a modest 4 pence/cents per spin to a crescendo of £/€100. Pick your stake, spin manually, or embrace the automated rhythm, and that’s the essence of it.

Simplicity also reigns in the rules, demanding combinations of three or more matching symbols to unfurl the tapestry of rewards along a payline. Yggdrasil’s artistry extends even to the symbols, twofold in nature – the highborn and the lowly.

The cavalcade of high-paying characters: a turquoise-clad knight, a mustachioed blue knight with an air of epic charisma, an enigmatic green knight (likely Lancelot), the illustrious Guinevere, and, in majestic splendor, King Arthur himself. The Arthur symbols, five in a triumphant alignment, bestow 25 times the stake upon the fortunate.

The royal 10-A icons gracefully set the table. The rest of the assembly isn’t too shabby either. Behold the wild symbol, a shape-shifting chameleon that stands in for the paying icons, bearing gifts of 27.5 times the stake for a quintet. This versatile symbol also moonlights as the scatter, a role we shall soon explore.

Artur’s Gold Feature

Ah, but Arthur’s Fortune has more up its proverbial sleeve; it’s a repository of surprises, a true enchanter of features. Picture this: the Wild Transformation, an unpredictable enchantment that can cast its spell at any moment during the base game, turning up to 10 symbols into wild wonders for a single spin. As the transformation unfolds, a wheel of fate twirls above the reels, determining which symbols shall metamorphose into wilds.

Artur's Fortune wild conversion

Free Spins

Yet the grand crescendo arrives within the realm of Free Spins, beckoned forth by the wild/scatter symbols (or even the enigmatic Orb symbol, which shall be illuminated in due time). The magic number is three, four, or five scatters, scattered with abandon upon the stage, rewarding players with free spins and initiating wild conversions as follows:

Three scatters: 7 free spins and 1 symbol-to-wild conversion.
Four scatters: 10 free spins and 2 symbol-to-wild conversions.
Five scatters: 14 free spins and 3 symbol-to-wild conversions.

These symbols, transformed into wild avatars, reign unchallenged throughout the duration of the bonus round. But that’s not the end of the saga. Behold, even scatters join the performance, gracing the bonus stage with their presence.


Two or more scatters unlock extra free spins and kindle additional symbol-to-wild conversions:

2 scatters: +1 free spin and 1 more symbol-to-wild conversion.
3 scatters: +2 free spins and 2 more symbol-to-wild conversions.
4 scatters: +3 free spins and 3 more symbol-to-wild conversions.
5 scatters: +4 free spins and 4 more symbol-to-wild conversions.

Merlin’s Bonus

Deceptively basic on parchment, this symphony of mechanics ignites with infernal brilliance when the symphony of wilds reaches its crescendo. And let us not forget the cameo appearance of Merlin’s Orb Bonus symbol, a delightful enigma that graces both the base game and the free spins with unexpected treasures. A solitary sighting of this orb guarantees a boon. During the base game, the orb may reveal an instant prize up to 25 times your stake or bless you with 7-14 free spins, crowned by 1-3 wild symbols. If it graces the free spins, it might unveil a regal cash prize of 50 times your wager or offer the promise of 1-14 additional free spins.

The Conclusion of the Arthur’s Fortune Slot Review

Arthur’s Fortune is a high-volatility game. RTP is 96.2%

Thus, Arthur’s Fortune emerges as a masterstroke of gaming craftsmanship, a harmonious tapestry woven with care and finesse. Within its unassuming veneer lies a symphony of interlocking features, each note resonating with the next, climaxing in a grand finale of the bonus game, an exquisite crescendo that leaves players breathless.

Yet, as with any noble quest, victory is not assured at every turn. There are moments when Arthur’s Fortune withholds its favors, where the reels offer naught but silence, and the promise of wild revelry remains unfulfilled. Yet, when the stars align and Arthur smiles upon thee, the game transforms into a medieval spectacle, a veritable carnival of fortune. Picture yourself reclining as the bonus round unfolds, a parade of wild transformations spiraling into a crescendo of ecstasy, much akin to the dance of swords in a medieval joust.

Moreover, Arthur’s Fortune refuses to indulge in the trappings of empty promises. Unlike slots that dangle the allure of wild conversions, only to disappoint with meager outcomes, this game showers its reels with a cascade of wilds. Amidst this cascade, each free spin may very well unfurl a cascade of wins, a testament to the game’s potential. While it may not scale the towering peaks of potential like some, its summit of 7,510 times your stake is no trifling feat. A triumph fit for squires and kings alike!

In summation, every stroke of genius combines in Arthur’s Fortune to craft a game that captures the essence of the classics while concealing within its heart a treasure trove of innovation. An unpretentious gem, it beckons to players seeking a straightforward adventure illuminated by a brilliant bonus game. If the ceaseless cascade of features or the labyrinthine reels of modern games feel overwhelming, let Arthur’s Fortune be your refuge – a timeless classic with an epic heart.

Author James James Buttler, the author, possesses four decades of casino experience gained through playing in brick-and-mortar establishments. Additionally, he has dedicated 20 years to blogging and content creation within the iGaming and various other industries.