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Nordic Fantasy Slots

Nordic slots are inspired by Scandinavian myths, Norse mythology, and Viking legends. The main characters of the theme are often the gods who live in Asgard: Odin, Thor, Baldr, Freya, and Loki. Other slot symbols often depict Viking heroes and fighters. In addition, Odin and Thor are often featured as wilds, scatters, or special symbols.

Nordic Fantasy Themed Slots revolve around Viking stories and legends about Nordic gods. The main source of the Norse legends is Edda.

Viking Slots

Vikings are hardened by the harsh climate and rigorous training and turn into unstoppable brutal warriors. Vikings in their longboats traveled to faraway lands to plunder and return home with great riches. The main symbols of the Viking-themed games are pictures of warriors with powerful physiques and long beards wearing horned helmets.

If you enjoy Nordic-themed online slot games, read our reviews before choosing one to play. You can play these casino games with real money or for fun anywhere you travel and on any mobile phone or tablet with an internet connection.