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Criminal Slots

Slots with crime themes are amongst the most popular because their storyline keeps players engaged for a long time. Crime-themed slots are inspired by well-known criminal persons, investigators, criminal activity such as bank robbery, and the mafia.

The hottest slot titles in this genre are movie and TV series inspired or licensed, such as The Godfather. Moreover, many games are based on criminals and gangsters who are well-known by the lots of publicity they received, such as Bonnie and Clyde, Bugsy Malone, Jesse James, and Billy the Kid. Also, many slots feature famous detectives such as Sherlock Holmes.

Does crime pay? In real life, it is not, but in the gambling world, it might. There are many slots available in the Criminal genre to the players. If you are enjoying crime-themed slot games, read our reviews on the best criminal slots before choosing a game to play.