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Fruit Machines

Slot Machines are called variously in different parts of the world. Fruit Machines in Britain are usually what we call slot machines. They are similar to slot machines being offered by casinos worldwide, but technically the term fruit machine is used on types of devices usually found in pubs and arcades. The said machines have 3 or 5 reels with around 16 to 24 fruit symbols printed on them.

Like any other slot machine, you win or go to the bonus feature by having particular combinations of fruits appear on the screen. These machines have a lot of extra features and feature games, which might increase your winnings. However, due to the locations, the jackpots are limited.

British variant

Many years ago, when fruit machines were widespread in the UK, the game’s wagering amount was not allowed to exceed Ł50. The highest payout for a particular game depends on the location and the type of the machine, but it is typically Ł35 in pubs.

It is not surprising that fruit machines pay out multiple jackpots – one after the other, but each prize entails a new game to be played, not more than the maximum payout.

The lowest payout percentage is 70% in Britain, with pubs often setting the payout at around 78%. Private members’ clubs are permitted “club machines,” which have higher jackpots and are allowed to charge more per game.

Fruit Machines vs. Slot Machines

These devices also function differently regarding payouts to American slot machines. Since these US slots are programmed to pay a percentage over the long run. However, a fruit machine wins an amount above its payout percentage in the UK before making you win.

For instance, if a machine has a 95% payout, a machine will make the player lose Ł10 before paying out Ł9.50. As such, it is rational to watch for people playing these fruit machines but not winning, as the likelihood of a win increases as they continue losing. This is what they call Sharking.


So, slot machines, fruit machines, fruities, pokies, poker machines, and one-armed bandits are the same type of games. They belong to the game of chance type gambling games.